Real estate development – from the selection of the property required for the investor’s plans, through the design and construction to the commissioning process, and the ownership of the building.

Based on a topographical number and address, the study fully covers the legal, technical, financial conditions and functionality.

Service elements:

  • preparation of a feasibility study,
  • market analysis and identification of market gaps,
  • analysis of best uses,
  • risk analysis,
  • financial analysis,
  • developing development opportunities based on the concept,
  • technical and environmental analysis,
  • assessment of the infrastructural facilities and public utilities of the development area, preparation of its planning,
  • legal background analysis, optimization based on official regulations,
  • creating a project concept.


Environmental awareness and increasingly stringent energy standards may necessitate energy audits and opinions on real estate or planned investments, for which our expert engineering team is available in accordance with customer needs. Part of the development of the energy concept is the examination of the possibilities of green solutions and the active and passive use of renewable energy. Economical and environmentally conscious operation also plays an important role.


Our office monitors the technical, financial and administrative processes of the project throughout the planning and construction process.

We help you create a detailed investment program.

In the permitting phase, we monitor and facilitate the smooth receipt of the necessary approvals from the authorities, owners, operators and utilities, and thus obtain a valid building permit.

During planning, we carry out the communication between the co-designers and the coordination of the branch plans.

We will help you choose the contractor.

During the construction, we check the error-free completion of the planned solutions and the technical adequacy of the replacement solutions within the framework of on-site design supervision.

During the technical inspection, during the entire construction period, as the on-site representative of the builder, we inspect and advise on compliance with the relevant legislation, official regulations, standards, contracts and export documentation.


Our office will help you with the proper application of BIM. We will prepare a project-specific BEP implementation plan, which will provide an appropriate framework for participants as an annex to the contract.

The main content elements of the BEP are:

  • project information
  • project phases, milestones
  • project participants
  • goals and objectives
  • model management (software and hardware requirements)
  • quality assurance and quality control
  • Frequency and content of BIM audits
  • data management
  • parts of work to be delivered and method of data provision (with references: presentation of the Contractor’s abilities and competencies)
  • way of cooperation (description of tasks and processes)
  • BIM uses