One of the basic elements of our innovative approach is three-dimensional modeling, which accompanies our entire design process, from sketch designs to construction plans. Our goal is to make it easier for participants to communicate and understand the concept.
The 3D model created in the sketch design phase is primarily suitable for presenting the main geometric shapes and materials used, from which even a simpler visual design can be made.
During the preparation of the licensing plans, there is an opportunity for more detailed model building, as a result of which – as required – we can also undertake the preparation of photorealistic visual designs. These visual designs are able to present the exterior of the building in a realistic way, and we also undertake the creation of realistic interior visual designs at the request of the customers.
During the preparation of architectural visual designs, it is possible to insert external visual designs, interior design visual designs, building animations and so-called Can also be used to create “walk-in” VR building models.


With interior visualisation plans we are presenting the concept of the buildings interior design trough day and night vision pictures and by using actual photos of the surroundings exact window sights are modellable. To provide the highest customer experience we are creating 3D layouts and VR walk troughs of the building. This methods popularity increasing in interior design visualisation. We use it mainly in property marketing thus moving forward the success of the bussinnesses manifestation. These techniques help the customer to comprehend the propertys attributions in a fast and comfortable way.


The essence of exterior visualization design is to present a building or a building complex in a way that the surrounding neighbourhood and the building itself shows in the most realistic manifestation. We accomplish this by using existing surrounding elements and different structurs of the frontage. To reach a more realistic look daylight and nocturnal scenes are used with the depiction of the buildings illumination. 360 degree panorama pictures, animated videos, and VR presentation helps the customer in his/her decision.